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Beef Dripping

PureFry Gold

Pure Fry is one of our newest and most popular cooking grease fats. Available in a 12.5kg box the Pure Fry brand is a blend of fresh Vegetable Oil and Beef Fat that will delivery on both flavor and life.


  • More digestible that ordinary beef fats
  • Holds all the great flavour of beefdripping fats
  • Reduced smells
  • Healthier frying fat than 100% beefdripping
  • Longer frying life than 100% beefdripping


All vegetable oils should be stored in a cool , dry place and have a shelf life of 12 months. We highly recommend that in extreme cold temperatures to store oil at room temperature for a 24 hour period before use, as oil may thicken , but will soon return to normal viscosity. For best results fry at 180 degrees centigrade (360 degrees farenheit).

Nutritional Information per 100g
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